Is Mintvine Legit? Branded Surveys Review

Is MintVine Legit?

Here’s my review!

Update: MintVine has re-branded itself as Branded Surveys.

Today’s review will be on one of the newer paid survey sites out there, MintVine. I’m going to assume most of you haven’t ever heard of MintVine,

as it seems the company has only been around since 2013. Considering this is a newer paid survey site, that there are a lot of scams out there, and there’s not a whole lot of established trusted information available yet, I felt a review was necessary on this one sooner rather than later.

I can say with absolute certainty that MintVine is as legit as it gets.

MintVine is in many ways similar to paid survey sites that are currently out there, and in some very good (and important) ways it is very different. MintVine runs pretty much just like anywhere else in terms of ways to make money. From their MVP referrals program where you get 15% of the referral’s points and a bonus 50 points when they complete their first survey (this can be big $, be sure to utilize it!), paid surveys, and paid offers.

MVP Referral program – This is awesome!

MintVine has a bit of a unique (in a good way) process with surveys. They have what they call the “funnel”, where they basically funnel you through the system until you find a survey that you qualify for, versus waiting a week to get one email invite for a survey you most likely don’t qualify for. You likely won’t spend much time in the “funnel” before you qualify, and likely up to several times a day.

Another unique feature of MintVine is that they offer daily polls. They range from 5-10 points just for two clicks. One to select your answer, and another to submit. That’s as easy as it gets. They’re practically giving you $3 a month right there alone!

Another unique feature of MintVine is their local deals section. Basically, the same idea as Groupon. I live in a very rural area and I’m seeing a deal for a restaurant in my town. On top of getting 50% off if I bought that deal, I’d get 80 points. It’s essentially Groupon with the added bonus of points just for buying through them.

MintVine runs off a point system vs. dollar amount, which sometimes can be a bit iffy– not here. MintVine has a very simple system in which 100 points is equivalent to $1.00. As soon as you reach 1000 points ($10.00) you’re eligible to receive a payout via PayPal.

Members have said unanimously that MintVine is quick with payouts, and that they were able to reach that $10.00 threshold very quickly. These are about the most important two things, and MintVine gets an A+ on both counts.

This is a REALLY good one, one of my favorites to date. MintVine is as legit as it gets, and until now, apparently a closely guarded secret of survey takers everywhere. If you’re looking for another paid survey site, this is the one. Click here to sign up today!

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