Will You Get Rich Taking Paid Online Surveys?

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Will You Get Rich Taking Paid Online Surveys?

You’ve probably heard all the hype about paid online surveys, many websites claim you can earn mega bucks just by working a few hours a month in your spare time.

No doubt you’ll have also heard from the naysayers, they say that all paid survey sites are a rip off and only payout minuscule amounts that mean you’d have to work 100 hours a week just to make a few bucks.

So is there any truth to these claims. Can you make thousands or are they just a scam?

Well considering I’ve been completing surveys now for the best part of two years and seen both the good and the bad, I feel I’m best qualified to answer them.

First things first, is it a scam?

Well I’ll be blunt, it can be and you need to be careful. As a general rule of thumb you should NEVER have to pay to access a site that claims to have access to major high paying surveys.

So lesson number one is, you should never have to pay to access a survey site. A site

The next biggest problem you’ll hear about paid surveys is that they’ll send you lots of surveys but they’ll only offer you a few dollars in payment. If a survey pays only $1 and takes 20 minutes to complete, it’s not really worth it.

The second biggest complaint about paid surveys is that you’ll get lots of surveys but they’ll only offer a few dollars to complete. A survey that pays only $2 and takes up 45 minutes of your time is not really worth the effort.

To a certain extent this is true; the vast majority of surveys do only pay a few dollars. But here’s the thing, each survey provider is likely to have at least one high paying survey every month. And it’s these surveys that you need to look out for. Forget the low paying stuff and just concentrate on the high paying ones.

So in answer to the question, can paid surveys make you rich? The answer is no probably not. They are however a good way of earning a little extra cash each month. And we could all do with that right.

So can completing surveys for cash make you rich? No probably not, your success in this business is directly related to your demographic your level of commitment and determination. The secret to success with surveys is to join as many FREE survey sites as possible and then only pick out the high paying surveys to maximize your earnings.

Here’s a list of the top providers of online surveys that pay, sign up to as many as you can and then wait for the big money surveys to come in. Or if you want to learn more about paid online surveys you can read this article.

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