14 Simple ways to save money

Best and simple ways to save money

In today’s economy, one can think it’s insurmountable to save money. Well, it’s not impossible to save money and save a lot. One just needs to find ways in which to cut costs. Ways that one will barely notice any loss. All it takes is cutting costs a little here and there. All the little bits saved add up to a whole lot of money after awhile.

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If one is mindful of what one can personally do to save money, no telling what can happen. Have you tried any of these fourteen ways yet to save money?

[1] When shopping, pass up those impulse buys that hang around the check out counter.

[2] Unplug the TV, radio, computer, and other electronic equipment when not in use.

[3] Walk instead of ride whenever possible. Save money and get healthier.

[4] Clip Sunday paper coupons to use when shopping and exchange with others.

[5] Family jars are a great motivator! Every time one cusses, (or use the family s weaknesses) she must put fifty cents into the jar. Another good one is money goes into the jar if anyone does not clean her dishes off the dinner table. Create whatever works for the family. Save that money for a vacation or a family outing.

[6] Budget to pay bills on or before the due date. Save late fees and charges, maybe get a discount.

[7] When shopping, pass up those impulse buys that hang around the check out counter.

[8] No movie or game rentals one week a month or something similar suitable to the entire family.

[9] Pass up on eating out or getting fast foods for cheap prices. Most are high in fats and costly if added up.

[10] One can do his own laundry, lawn, ironing, and other work, saving money by not paying anyone to do it.

[11] Do not get anything delivered unless it has free shipping. Save money on shipping, handling, even pizza delivery. Make it at home!

[12] Bicycle around instead of driving a car and save money.

[13] Learn to sew and make clothes instead of paying outrageous prices in the stores for clothing. Try it!

[14] Great Ideas for family fun that do not cost money at all, so saving money is guaranteed with this one.

A-Get together with other families for a “Cooking day.” Everyone gets together, cooks large quantities of dinners to freeze in individual portions or family size buckets. Save containers from large cool whips, margarine, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc., in all sizes. Then everyone can choose from a variety of scrumptious foods fresh from the freezer to put heat back into. Do it once a week, or month, or whenever it is good for you.

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