Surveys for Money – Can They Replace My Full Time Income?

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Surveys for Money: Can They Replace My Full Time Income?

We’ve all seen the advertisements about online surveys for money: quit your day job!  Take surveys for cash!  Earn more than you ever dreamed or imagined!  Live the life you want!  But is there any truth to these claims about online surveys for money?

Yes and no. The unfortunate thing is that people always are drawn to these “get rich quick” schemes, and if you think that online surveys for money are a way to get rich quick, then you will be incredibly disappointed. Taking online surveys for money isn’t as easy as it may seem. It may sound fun, it may sound like a real easy money maker, but the truth is that taking online surveys for money takes some real dedication and hard work.

Surveys for Money: Lucrative With Hard Work

Take Surveys for Money. Here’s one thing that we can tell you about online surveys for money right off the bat: stay far, far away from any survey sites that try to entice you with huge and unrealistic payouts. No company in their right mind would be willing to give you $25,000 just for filling out surveys. Why would they? It makes no sense. But these are the type of sites that a lot of people are drawn to, because it promises to make you a lot of money from online surveys for money with little work.

Another piece of advice that we can offer you about sites that have online surveys for money is that any site that makes you pay to join is probably a fraud. These are also usually the sites that do offer up that huge $25,000 monthly payout. Don’t believe it, and don’t buy into it. These sites will only leave you broke and disheartened by the end of it all.

So then here comes the question again: can you quit your full time job and just do surveys all day?  Here are some things to consider about taking online surveys for money so that you can make the best choice for you and your family.

Surveys For Money Aren’t Fast

If you have some idea in your mind of you sitting at your computer and whipping through a survey in one minute, then you need to give your head a shake. Surveys take time.  Legitimate sites that offer online surveys for money ask in depth questions and require in depth responses that will take a lot of thought.

Though every survey can take a varying amount of time, you should expect to take no less than 5 minutes filling one out, and possibly take more than 30 minutes filling it out. Again, it really depends on the type of survey, the types of questions they’re asking, and also perhaps your familiarity with the product or service the survey is about.

Surveys Pay – But How Well?

When you land on a legitimate site offering online surveys for money, you can be sure that you will get paid – but you may be wondering just how much you’ll be making at the end of the day.  A good general answer is that you can earn anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per survey, but there is the rare opportunity for you to make a lot more, being upwards to hundreds of dollars (this is usually targeted towards a very specific demographic, so you’re lucky if you fall into that group).

How you get paid by a site also differs.  Some sites will pay you straight cash, which I think the overwhelming majority of people prefer.  Others offer things like gift cards, which may be fine for anyone who’s doing this as a side gig and can use gift cards for their own purposes or give them away as gifts.  Other sites do a “point” system, where you have to earn a certain amount of points to be able to redeem them for either a “prize” or cash.  When it comes to cash however, it’s fair to say that if you’re doing online surveys for money, you can make anywhere from a few dollars to twenty dollars an hour.

Should I Quit my Full time Job?

It’s hard to say whether anyone should quit their full time job and fill out online surveys for money full time. It is so many peoples’ dream to be at home with their children or have the freedom to plan their own schedule every day and make their work “work” for them. If making $5 to $20 an hour can replace your full time income, then online surveys for money may be something to consider.

That being said, no one should jump into filling out online surveys for money without trying it out first. Filling out surveys definitely isn’t for everyone, so you may find that you will want to explore other ways to make money from home and skip out on the surveys. Make sure that you sign up for a few credible sites first and start doing it as a side job, something that you may do on your lunch breaks or after dinner. If you enjoy it and are happy with the pay out, then maybe consider leaving your job. If at all possible, try shrinking your day job down to part time work, and use the rest of the day to fill out online surveys for money.

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