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Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

Introduction to Paid surveys: Online paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to make money online, but some survey websites are scam. Avoiding them is easy. There are hundreds if not thousands paid survey sites on the web, but only a few are very good.

Let me explain how to avoid scam sites while locating the truly excellent websites that pay very well. First most important thing remember that online survey sites are 100% free. If you find a site that requires you to pay a one time fee you can be 99% sure that this is a scam! Websites I have used over a year are absolutely free and never required payment.

Paid surveys are scam or not scam?

Usually we can come across two types of “scam”. When you browse web you will see countless pop ups that advertise paid online surveys. They often aren’t legitimate. Majority of companies that sponsor this advertisements offer those surveys only to gather the surveyors personal information, they sell this data to marketing corporations. Once they have this data they start sending spam, and bombarding with telemarketing calls. These type of scam is annoying but it do not really cost the consumer any money at all. There is also another type of “scam” it promises access to a “top secret…” database of paid surveys, and they promise that you will make “over $5000” working 10 hours monthly. Yes it’s too good to be true. They want your money for access to this survey list. Websites from this lists are free and easy to access on the internet. These scam sites just sell you free information, it’s nonsense to buy this list. Often the first and the second scam is combined, and after they sell you the “incredible…” list of paid survey sites, they sell your personal data to marketing firms. But don’t worry not everything is scam. You can find a lot of websites and forums that offer honest reviews of 100% legitimate paid online surveys. And I am happy to say that this is one of these sites.

How it works?

Companies offer surveys to get opinions and views from everyday people about their products and services. They need this to know how to market and develop their products. You must understand that large companies are paying a lot of money for advertising campaigns, so paying a few dollars for a proper market research is very profitable for them.

Top List of Paid Survey Sites

Global Test Market: Click here to read global test market review or visit official website.

Ipsos i-Say: Click here to read Ipsos i-Say review or visit official website.

MyView Survey Panel: Click here to read MyView review or visit official website.

How much money can I earn taking paid surveys?

Do not believe if someone is telling you that you can earn $5000 a month for answering surveys (you can but it is very hard to make such money). Normally you will get $5-$20 for each survey, sometimes less (very simple surveys), sometimes a lot more (very long detailed surveys). The more surveys you complete monthly, the more you will earn. So there are two important factors: number of completed surveys and money paid for each survey. Let’s do the math if you want to make $600 extra monthly income from surveys. You must complete (2 surveys daily) * ($10 for survey) * (30 days). I advise to register to many sites. Because each site is sending monthly a limited number of surveys to their users. So if you want to take surveys for money remember the more sites you register, the more surveys you will get (and this is very important factor). Frankly speaking if you have accounts on a lot of survey websites and you complete many surveys you can earn thousands $$$.

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Who qualifies to take paid online surveys?

There are no restrictions in terms of age, gender or any other criteria. Anyone qualifies, doesn’t matter if you’re student, housewife, part time or full time worker.

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Online paid survey sites are a great possibility to add additional money to your monthly income.  You might not become a billionaire overnight, but you will make more than enough money to pay your bills and take much needed vacation. Click Below Link to Join Top Paid Survey Sites and:

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