Can You Really Get Paid for Surveys?

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Can You Really Get Paid for Surveys?

I have been doing online surveys for quite a while now. As a stay at home mom I like the fact that I can make a little extra cash online by filling out short . In my years of doing online surveys for cash I have learned the ropes and want to share some of my experiences with some of you that may be new to the game.

It is true that you can get paid for surveys, but you need to find out which one are the best paying ones.

First and foremost you should understand that not all online survey sites are created equal. You have some sites that are legit and will pay you a few dollars for doing their surveys and they expect nothing in return except for your honest answers to their questions. On the other hand, you have sites that only want to pry you for personal information to sell to other companies or con you into buying something, or even worse, charge you for something you weren’t even aware you were authorizing. These sites can be tricky, underhanded, and downright nasty with their schemes.

The good companies, the ones that actually live up to their word, only pay you a little bit of money and their surveys are generally hit and miss. Meaning, you have to either be invited to a paid survey by email or it takes a while for you to claim your money. Most of the good and legit survey sites are owned by major parent companies. Be cautious of these independent sites.

But, although most of the good sites have their downfalls such as delayed payment or few opportunities to participate, they do keep your information private and you do eventually get paid.

Now, not all bad sites are completely bad. Some of the sites that I consider bad will still pay you for your service, but, they will also take your personal information and sell it to other companies. The result, you get bombarded with unwanted emails and unsolicited phone calls.

The really bad sites, the low down and dirty ones, will ask for a membership fee, promise you the world and all its riches, and then take your money and run. They will
also take your personal information and sell it to other companies and may even go so far as to charge your phone bill with unauthorized charges. If you think you have
stepped into the doo doo of one of these sites, make sure you are keeping a close eye on your phone charges. Some of these sites have fine print that state by entering
your name you are authorizing them to make these charges.

A good way to tell if the site you are on is an all out scam is to look for some keywords. If the site is offering you the chance to win or earn thousands of dollars you should immediately exit out of that site and never ever return. If the site asks for money to join, it is probably a scam. If the site has testimonials from other members who say they have made thousands a month to join, it is probably a scam. I mean, think about it, if it was that easy to make thousands of dollars none of us would go to work. We would all be sitting at home answering easy yes and no questions.

In closing, not all survey sites are good, not all survey sites are bad, and not all survey sites are really bad. But, some of them are. Just be careful with what you are doing, don’t believe in those pie in the sky offers, and never ever give out your personal information, including your telephone number.

Surveys is not the only way to make money online. If you are interested in product testing and free samples, then you can also look into these get paid to test products at home opportunities!

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