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Top 10 Best Online Surveys for Gift Cards

Do you know that you can get free gift cards by completing online surveys?

We did some research to find out the legitimate survey companies that pay by gift cards such as Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Visa prepaid gift cards and Walmart gift certificates. after spending several hours we came up with below list of online survey companies that will pay you gift cards in order to participate in their online surveys.

All of the survey companies listed below are 100% free to join and no investment is required in order to get online surveys for gift cards.

Best Free Paid Survey Sites for Gift Cards

Welcome to online surveys for gift cards! If you’re looking to make some extra money online from the comfort of your home, you’ve came to the right place! With so many sites claiming to make you “rich fast with little work,” it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s not. Here at Best Paid Surveys, we have already done the research for you and weeded out the scams. We have found the top 10 paid survey sites on the Internet. These sites are 100% free to join and do not require a credit card or any payment to join. And what’s great is not only can you make money taking paid surveys, many of these sites also offer other ways to make money online! These are some of the sites that we are using ourselves to make some extra money on the side.

Each company below provides a real, legitimate opportunity to make some extra money. You may not get “rich,” but you will make some extra money each month.

So whether you’re a stay at home mom or dad, teenager (although many sites may require you to be at least 18), college student, part-time worker, or just looking to make some extra money online without the commitment of a part-time job, these opportunities are for you.

Our Top-Rated Free Paid Survey Sites
#1) – Our Top-Rated Paid Surveys Site.

Dollar Surveys is by far our top rated paid surveys site. Unlike many other survey sites, registration is fast and simple. No fees are required to get the surveys. No lengthy forms or registration process to go through. Simply enter your PayPal address and be sent to a survey. Should you qualify, you’ll receive payment to your Paypal account within a week.

What’s the catch with Dollar Surveys? Well to be honest, there really is none. You’re not limited to the number of surveys you can take per day, so long as you qualify for them. There’s not a minimum or maximum payout. It’s simple: $1 for each survey you take. The only requirement is to have a Paypal account (so you can get paid). And since Paypal is free, you have no costs! Dollar Surveys is the simplest, quickest way to get paid for online surveys.

While many other survey programs will spam your inbox with emails encouraging you to take higher paying surveys, Dollar Surveys simply sends you payment for the surveys you take. It does not matter whether you come there once or 10 times a day. Enter your Paypal address, qualify for a survey, and you’ve made a buck. It really is that simple. What are you waiting for? Go get registered to take some paid surveys!

#2) Global Test Market

Global Test Market is an established online market research panel. With over 5 million members, you can feel confident in their reputation. To get a membership to Global Test Market is 100% free. Like other survey companies, Global Test Market will send you several paid survey invitations to your inbox daily. You accumulate points when completing surveys, which can be redeemed for cash. 1000 points will earn you $50 cash. $50 is the minimum threshold to meet to get paid out. Click Here to get access to Global Test Market’s paid surveys.

#3) Panda Research

Panda Research is a company that provides its members with surveys that are linked to company offers. So after you complete a survey, sometimes you will be requested to try the product or service (which you can often times get paid for). Members have commented that the surveys at Panda Research are very simple and usually are not as long as surveys from other paid survey companies. Payouts can come in the form of cash or gift certificates that usually range anywhere from $5 – $35. Not too bad! Click here to register with Panda Research for free!

#4) YourFreeSurveys

Your Free Surveys is a completely free paid surveys site that offers you cash compensation for surveys completed. Your Free Surveys also offers a $4 sign up bonus and the payment threshold is $30. Your Free Surveys is especially good for those who are experienced with paid survey sites. The number of surveys received is fairly high, but some surveys may require payment for subscription services or trial of the product. These are the surveys you want to avoid (unless you are truly interested in the product). But those who are experienced will probably make on average $3-$5 daily if you’re able to weed out the lower quality surveys. Click here to sign up for

#5) Cash4Offers

Cash4Offers is a membership site where you can sign up to earn cash for various online activities. In fact, when you sign up, you immediately receive a $3 bonus. You also receive your first paid-to-read email upon sign up. The payout on paid emails range from $0.01 – $0.05. Another way to make money is by participating in the daily paid online surveys Cash4Offers provide. Survey payouts usually range from $0.50 – $1. However, there is some real money in completing various offers that they provide to your account. By completing some of these offers, you can receive $15 or more! As you can see, Cash4Offers offers many ways to make money, from paid surveys to paid-to-read emails, and various offer completions. Sign up here.

#6) Vindale Research

Vindale is a survey program that pays its members to complete consumer research surveys, trial offers, and review products. Vindale Research is also 100% free to join. Vindale Research is different from other paid survey programs because you won’t find too many survey programs that pay you to evaluate products and services. Although rare, you can even get paid up to $75 for a completed evaluation, and you get to keep the products you review. You will usually have to pay shipping and handling (which is normally $5 or less). But I’ll gladly pay $5 if I know I’m going to get paid $75. Click here to register with Vindale Research.

#7) OnDemand Research

OnDemand Research helps companies develop their products and services by depending on the research and evaluations given by you. Membership is absolutely free. By signing up with OnDemand Research, you can make money from receiving online paid surveys about restaurants, automobiles, movies, current events, and many other topics that are of interest to you. You can also make money by evaluating products and services. And the fun way to win is through contests and sweepstakes. Sign up with OnDemand Research and begin the fun in making money!

#8) Mindfield

If you’re looking for a legitimate paid survey company, you have to consider Mindfield Internet Panel. With a solid track-record of 20+ years, you can be sure that Mindfield offers quality opportunities to find surveys and get paid. The payment threshold is only $5, which is much lower compared to other survey companies. Surveys typically pay between $1 – $3. If you’re looking for a quality and reputable paid surveys company that’s been around, you definitely have to check out Mindfield Internet Panels.

#9) is an established paid surveys site that has been around since 1999. Being in the industry for 12 years, you can be sure that is a reputable company. gives you access to tons of paid survey opportunities that will pay out anywhere from $1 – $3.50. also prides itself in not spamming members’ inboxes like many other survey companies do. Sign up with here.

#10) Cashcrate

Looking for a free paid surveys company that’s 100% free to join and offers a ton of ways to make money? You’ll find just that with Cashcrate. Cashcrate is more than just a paid surveys company. They offer several different ways to make money. You can make money from free and trial offers, cash back on purchases, reading emails, referral commissions, and of course, taking surveys. In fact, they send you $1 for just becoming a member (which is free to join). You can complete their multiple daily surveys. It may not sound much, but the survey usually only takes about a 10-15 minutes or so to do (which comes to be about $10.0/hr). The minimum payment threshold is relatively low compared to other paid survey companies ($20). If you’re interested legit, solid paid surveys company, sign up with Cashcrate here.

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