Is Global Test Market Scam?

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Is Global Test Market Scam?

You want to try out one of the Global Test Market surveys but you’re unsure whether it is legit or a scam?

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You’re not alone. A lot of people have similar worries because there are hundreds of survey sites out there and naturally, scammers try to take advantage and con unwary Internet users out of their money. However, if you’re determined to take surveys for cash, you’ve done the absolute right thing to seek the right information.

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What is Global Test Market and how does it work?

Global Test Market is a market research firm run by Global Market Insite, Inc. The firm runs an online survey panel where members receive various surveys to fill out in exchange for cash. There are over 200 companies that the survey firm represents around the globe. Since its formation in 1999, it has grown into one of the leading market research companies in the world with a base survey membership of over 5 million users. Their system works on membership basis where prospect members need to register before they are allowed to fill out surveys. Once you’re accepted as a member, you’ll start
receiving surveys.

The surveys for cash system at Global Test Market works on a points based model where members receive points for each completed survey. Points are crucial because they are what members use to redeem their cash. The minimum number of points needed to redeem your cash is 1000, and a payment request may take upwards of 5 weeks to be effected. On the downside, it can take long to accumulate the 1000 points because the majority of surveys earn 5 points or less, and, worse still, surveys are not posted daily. In addition, most surveys are highly targeted to particular consumers, so a member will be screened out of a survey if they don’t belong to a particular target audience.

How else do Members Benefit?

Well, it’s obvious that you’re not going to get to 1000 points in few weeks, so there ought to be some other motivation for users to stay with the survey panel. Occasionally, members at Global Test Market are awarded free samples mostly for consumer goods. While they may not be that much, they will eventually add up and you could receive upwards of $20 a year worth of cosmetics, frozen dinners, snacks, sandwich bags, and pet food items, among others. And while you have to complete a survey when you’ve tried out a free sample, you’re not obliged to. Once you’ve taken it, it’s yours completely. In any case, the survey you’re requested to fill out is typically shorter than usual.

Conculsion – Is Global Test Market Scam?

The fact is, Global Test Market is not a scam. You can earn some passive income if you have some free time on your hands. However, you need to be a little shrewd to gain the most out of the surveys you take. You don’t want to be filling surveys that take a lot of time to complete yet earn a few points. Take surveys that you’ll complete in 5 minutes or less and will get you many points plus free samples. So Global Test Market Scam? NO WAY!

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