How to Make Money Taking Surveys?

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How to Make Money Taking Surveys?

Quick Start Guide:

Welcome to our Quick Start Guide which was designed to help you start making some extra cash from taking online surveys. I recommend that you bookmark this page before proceeding.

How to Make Money Taking Surveys?

Step 1: Create a new email account. All of your survey related emails should be sent to an email account dedicated specifically for paid surveys. This step will help you organize better and also prevents survey invites from getting mixed up with personal/business emails in your main account. I’d recommend that you use Yahoo, which is free to join.

Step 2: Register for a PayPal account. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, go ahead and sign up for a free PayPal account. Most of the top paying survey panels now reward panelists via PayPal so it is better to have a PayPal account.

Step 3: Sign up to at least 5-10 legitimate survey panels to start with. The more the better. I have already done the research for you and have compiled lists of highest and legitimate survey panels that pay cash. Each survey panel is 100% free to join and they DO pay. It is important to choose your country, otherwise you will not get surveys! To start with paid surveys join this, this and this survey panel.

  • Click here to view the US survey list.
  • Click here to view the UK survey list.
  • Click here to view the Canadian survey list.
  • Click here to view the Australian survey list.
  • Click here to view the Teen survey list.
  • Click here for a list International survey panels.

Step 4: Confirm Your Email ID. This step is must. Most of the survey panels are double opt in. Means that you need to confirm your email id after registering with the. So, if you have not done already, go ahead and confirm all your registrations. After signing up to a survey panel, you will likely get an email asking to confirm your registration. This step has to be done in order for the survey panel to send you survey invitations.

Step 5: Fill out profile surveys. Filling out your profile surveys helps you get more survey invitations. Before you start taking surveys for cash, it is important to go ahead and fill out all profile surveys. This shouldn’t take much of your time since these surveys are usually short.

Step 6: Get familiar with each survey site. It’s a good idea to learn how each panel works. Take a minute to check out the FAQs and Terms and Conditions so that you know the important stuff such as how you get paid, minimum payout amount, when you get paid, and so on. Our survey panel reviews has this type of information so you can check them out if you want an overview of how a certain panel works.

Step 7: Complete online surveys. At this point, you can start taking surveys to earn yourself some money. It is important to note that you may not get many invites from some survey panels right after joining. It may take 1-2 days or longer before you get your first invite. When you do get these initial survey invitations, try to qualify for them and complete them if you qualify. If the survey panel sees that you are willing to participate, they will send you more surveys to take.

Step 8: Redeem Your Survey Rewards. Once you have completed a few surveys for each panel and reach the minimum payout amount (this is why joining survey panels that have low minimum payout is important), go place your cash out request. You will get your survey payment within the stipulated time frame (each survey panel have different time frame).

Check out my step by step guide to earn money taking surveys.

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