How to make money betting on sports?

How to make money betting on sports?

Am I a professional Gambler? No. Do I want you to buy my system? Umm, no. If I had a system for sale, you can bet I’d be selling it here. But alas, I do not. That being said, I do better then most on gambling. My sport of choice is NFL, but the rules below apply to any sport. Your sport. Since I offer it to you for free – I have no problem offering double your money back if you do not win money. Wait – not on your losses – just on what you paid me. I don’t actually mind losing money on occasion, but following the simple rules below can ensure that you make more then you lose over the long run. This article is specifically aimed at those who bet on sports for one simple reason: to make money. I have nothing against those who bet to make the games more exciting or to go for their favorite team or to go for the big payday – but this article is about the long term – consistently beating the house over a long period of time. Okay, let’s get started.

How to make money betting on sports?

1) NEVER bet on your favorite team: This is really the only rule you need to know. If you stop reading now – you are already better off. It is worth noting that my personal favorite teams are (on no particular order): Buffalo Bills, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors and Panathinkos (sp? – Greek Soccer League). Given how bad my teams are you may think that this rule just makes sense – nut believe me, it applies to your teams as well, if to a lesser degree. Of course, heredity and geography are a factor. I never understood people who apparently pick a team out of the blue. I was born or bred into all my favorites and choosing my own just doesn’t seem like an option. Sorry – I got off track. Even if your team is favored by 100 points, do NOT bet on them. There is enough teams you can bet rationally on without betting on your favorite. In short, even if your team are dogs – they are still an east win in your eyes – and well, you get the point. If you have no favorites – well you are WAY ahead of the game. I bet mainly on football because, even as a Canadian, it is the sport I know the best. Stick with what you know and do not bet from the heart. Okay , enough – you get the idea.

2) Bet only what you can afford to lose. I also play the poker (I know what you are thinking – his wife must be so happy) and the guy who ALWAYS loses is the guy who cannot afford to and plays that way. Decide in advance how much you can afford to lose in a week or month, whatever – and stick to that amount. Never

bets and never send good money after bad. I actually am not 100% sure what that means but I know it make sense. If you insist on betting more, do it while you are on a winning streak, not to turnaround a losing one. You know what? Just don’t do it. In closing, and I hope this is obvious: spread your money out,

if you spread your ‘allowance’ among several smaller bets, you are more likely to make a profit in the long run if you do the proper homework. Don’t put it all on one or two games. My personal limit is about $20.00 week, but of course for some people a $100.00 means a LOT less then my $20.00. Let’s say $20.00 solid, because the main point here is that it is a concrete, and not flexible number.

3) Don’t bet drunk. Like driving, but potentially more dangerous. Well, maybe not – but I promise you lives have been lost to both. This just makes sense, unlike drunk people (I’m looking at you Hasslehoff) – you know – don’t do it. I’ll leave this one.

Actually, maybe it is the booze talking, (Wanna bet?) but I think I’m going to stop this point stuff and wrap this puppy up (not literally PETA). Here is the key of what I was trying to day without any further blathering on. Follow what I say below and you should (no promises) make more money then you lose. Follow the steps:

1) PICK YOUR SPORT (or don’t – but this will work slightly better if you know the sport, many places will of course allow you to pick many sports on the same ticket)

2) PICK THE FAVES: In short, it depend on the day or week – but you want to pick the ones that are favored my a mile. In football, this means seven or more, baseball a few and soccer, man – maybe 0.0000004? Who knows? The key here is to pick a handful of games that you are SUPER comfortable with, All those 1.15 payoffs add up once you get a few of them. Well, sorta.


4) I”m lost! What I’m trying to say here is that if you pick the five best teams to win each week then your $20.00 should look more like, well, maybe $75.00. Of course, you are not going to win every week – but you should win more then well, for sure more than 1/3. You are not going to be a millionaire, but you will win more than you lose. I’m being conservative here on purpose because of course I don’t want hate mail if this ends up being a crazy year.


6) This really is it. I truly expect that I will get feedback from this article. However, it will specifically be from professional gamblers who have been doing this for years. If a LOT of people start playing this way – it has no choice but to affect their bottom line.


8) Okay – maybe you did not win this week. Believe me – I will. There is no question that the people taking your money will continue to make more money than they give out – let’s just stop making it ours.

In closing, many who know me can attest that this truly does work. If it does not for you than I truly apologize and hope you enjoy the same success that i have. In closing, I TRULY believe this will work. My feeling is that if you are not betting against me personally. then you are betting with me. On that note, I am honestly getting too drunk to type. So, good night.

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