How to Get Paid for Surveys Without Getting Scammed?

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How to Get Paid for Surveys Without Getting Scammed?

These days, most people spend time searching the internet to make easy money online. Some reasons include certain financial situations, some just to make an extra buck or two in the comfort of their own homes, or simply just because.

There are a lot of reasons people like you and I search the net for money making opportunities, but one thing for sure, no matter what the motives are we’re always going to run into a few sites that looks promising, and legit with their attractive displays.

Sadly in truth these types of sites are only out to trick you. There are different types of paid surveys scams that you need to watch out for, and order to avoid them, you must know how to identify them. In this tutorial you are going to learn:

  • What are the different types of paid survey scams?
  • How to identify the paid survey scams?
  • How to get paid for surveys without getting scammed?

Some of the most common paid survey scams include:

The Paid Survey Email Scam: This annoying scam takes place when they ask for your email address. They then sell that very information to other companies, or even uses it for things other than what they promised to do when you signed up on their site. Instead of sending you surveys that pay you for your time, you are sent heaps and heaps loads of useless garbage (spam mail), that takes up the space in your inbox.

The  Credit Card Scam: This is a very common scam, Ex.:When you search the internet for paid surveys, you run into sites that’s really adorned all pretty and professional. They give you attractive stories or reading content that promises that you would get paid a HUGE load of money if you sign up to their specially-made list of  paid surveys. *BUT* before you can become a member, and get that big money they promised, you have to pay to become a member. After paying you’re sent either useless spam, links to fake survey websites, or lists of survey sites you could of signed up for free!

**Know that you NEVER have to pay ANY money to take surveys!**

The Hard-Work-No-Pay Scam: Now I know that  may sound weird, and even silly to you readers, but this is no joke. Paid survey scams doesn’t limit to just selling your information, nor taking your money. There are some that actually scams you out of the effort you put into answering surveys too!  You’re given an survey invitation, that promises to pay you after completion. You take that time to do the fake paid survey, and  after all your hard work instead of being compensated, its them who gets your earned money and runs off with it. *BOOM* You’ve just been scammed  out of 20 or 30 minutes of your precious time, and hard work!

Now that you know these types of paid survey scams, I’m going to tell you some tips on how to avoid them and get paid for surveys without getting scammed:

First and probably most importantly, if you ever come across any paid survey site, and they promise you huge, exaggerated amounts of money run the other way!  Think about it- why would a paid survey company pay you this much just to answer a easy questionnaire? How could they afford to pay that kind of money to every panelist? It’s practically impossible. Remember if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Another tip to avoiding scams is very useful yet very often overlooked- Googling!  It is good to research any paid survey site you come across through Google’s search engine, or pretty much any search engine. I do this for any new paid survey site I come across to make sure it’s legit and safe to sign up for. Information is power, and you can use that power to protect yourself. When using Google search input keywords like ‘insert name of paid survey company’ reviews, or ‘insert name of paid survey company’ scams. After clicking ‘Google Search’ button, you’ll receive all kinds of results. Read a lot of reviews, and other content concerning the survey website you’re researching about, and if the negatives outnumbers the positives then that’s a sign you need to stay clear away from it.

Before signing up or anything, scan through the website of the paid survey company.  This can be helpful in protecting yourself from being scammed. Make sure the information provided on the paid survey site is professional, and grammatically correct. Any errors in grammar within the content should be taken as a red flag. Another thing to look for on the paid survey website is the “Terms and Conditions“, and the ‘Privacy Policy‘. Scan through them both to ensure that your information is strictly kept confidential, and that they won’t sell it to anyone; that and they won’t spam you either.

Be very wary of testimonials on paid survey websites. When searching for new paid survey sites to join, 100 percent of the time you will come across a few with MANY testimonials from ‘successful’ panelist. This is one of the main reasons people ends up getting scammed. Testimonials are very often false, and only serves to hype you up, and reel you into giving your information. If you come across a paid survey site with mostly testimonials, and barely any information run, run, RUN.

– Make sure paid survey companies provide information for you to contact them, especially through telephone, or mailing address. If you don’t find any of this on the site, then there’s something wrong.

WHEW sorry for the long read people, but it’s really important that you know this information.I hope you find these tips helpful. Know that these aren’t only limited to just paid surveys, but to any online money making opportunities. Originally I made this blog to help make finding legitimate surveys more easier, but I want to also want to help prevent you from becoming victims to scams too. I must admit, I myself  has been a victim before, so I know personally  the frustrations, and humiliations of being scammed brings. That is mainly what inspired me to write up this post. Hopefully this will help stop scams altogether.

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