Does Completing Surveys For Money Really Pay Off?

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Does Completing Surveys For Money Really Pay Off?

Whether it was about a product you just purchased or how often you frequent the movie theater, we’ve all had experience with or have taken a survey at some point in our lives. Survey’s are used to gather people’s opinions on a specific product or topic, which helps those conducting a survey decide what they should do about a particular product or how they should act on a certain topic. Oftentimes, surveys can be a real pain. And the people conducting the surveys know that, which is why many survey companies now offer incentives to get your opinion. Not just a free pencil or a free pop either. I’m talking cold, hard cash! And why not? You deserve something for your time, right?

Due to the fact that thousands of survey companies such as opinion outpost and harris poll online offer cash and prizes for giving them your opinion, people have flooded the internet with claims that you can earn a six-figure income just from taking surveys. Companies have sprouted up all over the net, boasting that you can earn $200 or more per day with surveys. Is this really something that can bring in the bucks? Not exactly. I’ve heard of people making close to $2,000 per month completing “surveys” (without referring users), but in reality, they are a member of 1,00+ survey companies and participate in focus groups and more. Again, this is a rarity that someone would earn this much WITHOUT referrals; however, if you’re looking to make a couple hundred extra dollars, surveys are an excellent way to earn a little here and there.

I’m currently a member of approximately 10 best paying survey companies, all that pay cash. These 10 companies are the most reliable companies that I’ve personally dealt with. Again, there are thousands and thousands of companies that will pay you for your opinion, but many of those companies come and go on a daily basis. I prefer to stick with the more reputable companies.

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