Best Online Survey Sites that Pay

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Best Online Survey Sites for Making Extra Cash

What is the concept of good survey sites? Although there are many legitimate survey websites paying regularly to common people for their opinions but all cannot be placed in the basket of best online survey sites.

With best online survey sites I mean only those companies that send lots of surveys regularly and are legitimate too. With that said, unfortunately there are not so many of them coming perfectly under classification of good survey sites but there are a few where you can make extra cash.

After a lot of research and personal observation and my personal experience I found 10 good survey sites for you people. Most of them pay generously but again -it’s not a rule.

A survey site good for you may not be as good for me because it depends on your profile; it may happen like not many advertisers would be interested in knowing my opinion compared with yours.

Just suppose for a minute:

For example, if I am a student and you being a dad/mom of two then how could they send me surveys regarding baby diapers? In this case, you are the best fit for them so you will get that survey. Got my point? Yes, that’s the reason you might not be getting too many surveys…!

List of Top 10 Best Online Survey Sites to Make Extra Cash
However, there is always a general trend. Some sites thus got good reputation in general public and I have nominated 10 of them. Based on the reviews of thousands of people here are those 10 good survey sites:

Note: “Payment threshold” means minimum amount you have to earn before you can redeem your account balance.


  • Payment Method: Check
  • Payment Threshold: $20
  • Countries accepted: International, members accepted from all countries

Being the most popular (as depicted by its Alexa rank), CashCrate is not just a survey site alone. Surveys are only a part but they have much more fun things to get paid for.

For example, you can get cash back on purchases from stores, watch videos, play games (literally, get paid to play) etc.

When it comes to surveys, there are 3 surveys available everyday each worth $0.80. Can you believe this? This accounts to fixed $72 a month and I am sure you could not find any other survey site as good and generous as CashCrate.

The limitation is that most offers at cashcrate are only US based; however, anyone from any country can join to make money by referring. They have a killer referral program; paying $1 for each active referral.

Join CashCrate now…!

Global Test Market

  • Payment Method: Check (Cheque)
  • Payment Threshold: $50
  • Countries accepted: International, members accepted from all countries

Global Test Market ranked number two because it is an international survey site (by the way, you can view whole list of international survey sites that pay in all countries here). Most of the members to whom I met were satisfied with the performance.

GTM deals in market points. Each survey pays you some points depending on the length of survey until you reach a count of 1000. Then you can redeem them for $50 cash.  Typically it may take three to four months to reach the payout.

GlobalTestMarket pays through check and you can receive payment no matter where you live on the whole planet.
Join GlobalTestMarket Now…!


  • Payment Method: Check (Cheque)
  • Payment Threshold: Just $1
  • Countries accepted: International, members accepted from all countries

If you are serious about taking surveys then don’t miss SurveySavvy, seriously…! You receive $2 for doing every survey.

It is recommended to fill-out your profile if you want more and more surveys. Your profile helps them to sort out your personality and then fine tune surveys according to it.

But still I haven’t told you the best thing about SurveySavvy; when your friends or other people join under you through your referral link then they become your referrals, right? Ok, SurveySavey pays a solid $1 whenever any of your referral fills any survey…!

People have sky rocketed their earnings using referrals. Even there are lots that are making $2000 to $3000 a month. That was the reason I compiled some super charged strategies to get referrals, see here.

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion Panel)

  • Payment Method: Check (Cheque)
  • Payment Threshold: $1
  • Countries accepted: International, members accepted from all countries

Despite their name they recruit people from all over the world; don’t get deceived. Most of the surveys will earn $2 to $5 based on what other members are saying. However, there are at times surveys sent that pay as high as $50, but, those are really scarce.

In addition to filling surveys, you can refer people using Facebook and twitter and get half a buck for every referral. Payment threshold is low so this way you would reach payout quite easily.
Join ACOP and give it a try…!

Opinion Outpost

  • Payment Method: PayPal and Amazon gift cards for online shopping
  • Payment Threshold: $10
  • Countries accepted: USA, UK, Canada and Hispanic

A survey company with rather nice interface, Opinion Outpost stands in the list that sends 2- 8 surveys month. Every survey adds up to your points as Opinion Outpost deals in points; but don’t worry they pay in cash.

Each point is worth $0.10 and you would get couple of them at the end of every survey. You can redeem your earned money through PayPal or check when balance reaches $10.

Besides that, you get $1 for every referral. Keep in mind, every dollar counts so propose as many friends and family members as you can.
Join OpinionOutpost here…!


  • Payment Method: Check (Cheque), PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards
  • Payment Threshold: $10
  • Countries accepted: Malaysia, United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and South Korea

MySurvey has proved legacy, they send surveys in the range of $1 to $3 where it is done in form of points with each point worth $0.10.

Happy part about MySurvey is that no matter their post frequency is 1-2 surveys every two to three weeks but you are paid some points even if you don’t qualify.

See what Survey Critics have to say:

“Most surveys are only a couple minutes (if that) to complete. Even if you don’t get past the screener you still get your points. Sometimes you have the option of taking an even longer survey after that one for some more points, but those typically take the standard 10-15 minutes for an extra 50 points or so.

The second is that once you have established yourself as a loyal member, they start sending you the good stuff. My sister-in-law has been a member for a while and regularly gets 50-200 point surveys and has even been sent cash (not checks, cash) in the mail along with a survey to fill out. Her point balance was over 10,000 last time I checked and she hasn’t referred a single person.”

They also pay $1.50 for every referral. So don’t wait anymore, Join MySurvey here…!

Brand Institute

  • Payment Method: Cash via PayPal or Check (Cheque)
  • Payment Threshold: no-minimum amount in account is required
  • Countries accepted: International, members accepted from all countries

Mainly under limelight due to its killer referral program, Brand Institute is a good survey site that is biased towards medical field; medical surveys. They pay $5 for every survey for ordinary referral while if your referred person is a medical professional then the payout is $10 per survey done by them.

Apart from that, they do send quite a few surveys and compensates really well.

Join Brand Institute now.


  • Payment Method: Pays through PayPal
  • Payment Threshold: $10
  • Countries accepted: International, members accepted from all countries

Ipoll is another International survey site that pays for opinions. Pay rate is good and enough as an extra spending money. They instantly credit $5 into your account just as sign-up bonus.

With payments made in the respective currencies to members from all over the world, SurveyHead stands perfect in the list of good survey sites.

Sign-up is just 2 minute process. Join SurveyHead now. You can read our detailed ipoll review here.

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