Focus Forward – Legitimate or Scam?

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Focus Forward Online – Legitimate or Scam?

Hey everyone, hope your week has been well. As I promised here’s a brand new paid survey opportunity for you! Today we’re going to go over a site called Focus Forward Online. I’ve recently learned of this website while doing my daily ‘Googling’ and I became interested in it. Eventually I’ve decided that I would give a review on it.

Focus Forward Online is a paid survey site that is just like many of the other opportunities I have listed in this blog. They are a market research team that relies on panelists such as you and I to give our opinions, and say so’s on different topics, such as: consumer products, everyday things, even politics.

Signing up for Focus Forward is very simple and quick, and the confirmation email is sent to your inbox instantaneously. Most importantly it’s completely free! Once you’ve become a member, you’re immediately sent to the member’s area where you’re ask to fill out a few surveys called Profile Builders. They are meant to increase survey invitations, as well as ones that fits your criteria.

The paid surveys they sent you are very often short and to the point. They usually take  about 15 minutes to complete, but sometimes there are ones that are longer than that. Just like any paid survey site, their topics revolve around different products such as food, clothes, electronics just to name a few. Once
you complete these survey you’re rewarded cash ranging from $1 to $5 sometimes even more depending on the topic and length of the survey.  The minimum payout for Focus Forward Online is $20, and is delivered to you via check.

Now I’m pretty sure you’re thinking this is just like any typical paid survey I’ve told you about. You’re partially right. Focus Forward is like most survey websites. HOWEVER they do have something that distinguishes from most paid survey websites which are Paid Focus Groups. When they send these focus group notifications it requires you to participate their surveys via telephone, in person, or in a online group discussion. The neat thing is that when these surveys are completed you’re paid more than normal online surveys which is ranged  from $50 to a whooping  $250!  The compensation is sent via check.

Is Focus Forward Online Legit or Scam?

Here’s my take on this site:

I’m still fairly new to Focus Forward, but so far I haven’t experience any problems from this site.  I only have a couple of dollars in my account, but it’s better than nothing right?  The surveys are very fun to do, the only downside is that they are not sent very often. I haven’t received a focus group invitation yet, but I’m looking forward to when that time comes. Overall I believe this is a site is legitimate, absolutely worth trying out, and that it would be good addition to your online money making  journey!

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